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posted February 26th, 2013 by waesthetics in General

I spent a year at the world-renowned Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan in 2007 working with my mentor and close friend, the legendary Professor Fu-Chan Wei. As everyone knows, Professor Wei is one of the best microsurgeons in the world. What is less known perhaps is that Professor Wei also has a cutting edge and thriving aesthetic surgery practice, focusing on Asian Aesthetic Surgery.

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is the leading professional organization of plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery in the world with members in over 75 countries.

In 2008, I wrote this article in the Official Newsletter of ISAPS with Professor Wei on our collective opinion in what we saw in Singapore, Taiwan as well as in our surrounding Asian countries as emerging trends in cosmetic surgery in ASIA then.

Today, in 2013, I continue to evolve, learn, change and adapt as new procedures and treatment modalities become available, in search for safer, more predictable and more effective procedures for my patients.

Of the trends that I mentioned since I wrote it article in 2008, some have become even more prominent and some have fallen off the popularity chart. I am seeing the emergence of some interesting trends in my own practice.

1. A renaissance of Surgical Facelift. Please see my earlier writings on this.

2.The rising popularity of the use of your own cartilage in Asian Rhinoplasty. In Asia, the great majority of rhinoplasty is done with silicone implant. It is well recognized that the use of silicone implant in Asian noses has significant short and long term complications. The use of autologous (you own) cartilage (from you ear or even rib) offers a long lasting solution for the Asian nose.

3. Fat Grafting for face and breast. Fat grafting has really been gaining popularity and the technique matured to a higher level and results becomes more predictable. Fat grafting to the face and breast especially has become very popular.

4.  Eyelid surgery. This is always popular in Asian with absent upper eyelid crease (Asian upper eyelids) and prominent eyebags being the most common presenting complains.

It would be interesting to relook this trend again in a few years time!


Dr Wong Chin Ho