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posted July 14th, 2013 by waesthetics in Eyelids

Many patients present to the plastic surgeon for eye bags. This seemingly simple problem should be easily addressed with conventional blepharoplasty approaches of removing the eye bags. This procedure has been performed for many years and remains very popular.

When I was in training, a senior plastic surgeon made a very intriguing remark to me. He said, ‘Even with complete elimination of the eye bags, patients are often not thrilled by the results’.

After years of talking to patients, studying the psyche of patients presenting to plastic surgeons, I have finally discerned the cause of the less than gratifying result that the generation of plastic surgeons before me struggled with.

Patients presenting with eye bags see something in the mirror that burden them. It is not purely the eye bags but more. It is the tired and listless look that so profoundly ages a person’s look. Making them appear to lack vitality and energy (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Patients often present with the complaint of eye bags. Beyond the obvious bags, careful observation will reveal that it is the ‘tired look’ that so burden the patients.

The Traditional blepharoplasty techniques were designed to eliminate eye bags, which it delivers. However, elimination of eye bags alone deflate the mid cheek further. While the eye bags are gone, this procedure has the effect of accelerating aging of the mid cheek. Patients are accepting of the results because the eye bags have be removed but often times quietly disappointed as the surgery have not made them look younger. In short, traditional eye bag removal (be it the scarless, transconjunctival approach or the transcutaneous approach) is neither rejuvenating nor refreshing for the aging mid cheek.

With recent advances in the understanding of mid cheek aging, we now have a procedure that delivers a superior level of result for the aging mid cheek. This approach is grounded on the anatomical truth that aging is a combination of sagging and lost of volume in the mid cheek. Accordingly, the procedure that I do incorporates the following: 1. Fat conserving lower eye lid surgery, where the fat is redistributed to areas where fat is deficient. Excision of fat is kept to a minimal and only in cases of true fat excess. 2. A strong Mid Cheek lift to correct the sagging of the mid cheek. And 3. Micro-structural fat grafting to restore the contour of youth and to correct the deflation that inevitably occurs with aging.

With this approach, we are now able to deliver a level of result that was not possible before, and in our experience has been highly satisfying for our patients. Please review our website for a more detailed description of this procedure.

Dr Wong Chin-Ho

Plastic Surgeon

W Aesthetic Plastic Surgery