Dr. Wong Thoughts


posted February 23rd, 2013 by waesthetics in Facelift

Patients are naturally very interested in non-invasive procedures that can lift and tighten tissues with no down time and no recovery period. Various technologies, such as focused ultrasound and radiofrequency made by various companies are now available on the market.

While these modalities have their place in our overall strategy for facial rejuvenation, and is beneficial in some patients, there are limitations on what these treatments can achieve. I do use these technologies in my practice. But, for patients who are seeking a more significant degree of correction of the aging face, a surgical procedure is probably more appropriate and predictable.

At the same time, ‘new’ thinking and surgical techniques in which we performed facelifts have also advanced profoundly over the last 10 years (please see the composite facelift section of our website).

Application of precise and detailed knowledge of surgical anatomy of the face makes surgery safe, predictable and minimises downtime.

Unlike the results achievable with traditional skin-type facelift, composite facelift gives a completely natural result and at the same time profound facial rejuvenation, with minimal or no stigmata of surgery. This level of result has given me the confidence and conviction to offer composite facelift as my first choice procedure for patients seeking facial rejuvenation.

I am seeing many patients that have either had non-surgical treatment for aging face themselves or have had a friend who had it done. They are seeking a more profound and lasting correction of the aging face. This group of patients readily appreciates the wisdom of a more definitive surgical procedure and this is what I am seeing today as a renaissance of surgical composite Facelifts.


Dr Wong Chin Ho